Informations about the shop

Information concerning the shop

Dear customers and interested parties, thank you for your visit. Please take a moment and read the brief description concerning the shop and the order procedure. Many thanks.

We recommend our customers from abroad to change the shop settings to English. Top right. Standard information is then shown in English. Product information and other texts however remain in the German language.

1. General information
In the area below (footer) legal information is shown such as the general terms of business and revocation declaration (+ revocation form), data protection and editorial. In addition ancillary information on the possible methods of payment and costs of dispatch. Please read the information provided carefully. Should questions arise, then kindly make use of our contact form.

The navigation bar to the left of the screen enables you to conveniently move between the different product categories wherever you find yourself in the shop. Simply click on the categories and a page then opens with the corresponding products.

Click on the product desired and open the product description and the method of ordering.

The price details section also includes information on packaging units. Select the desired packaging unit here. Enter the desired amount (packaging unit) in the shopping basket.

Should you wish to place multiple orders (e.g. 3 x the same article and the same amount), then the quantity ordered may be changed by clicking on the number field. The system calculates everything else automatically. Provided of course the amount is in stock.

The shopping basket containing your purchases is shown after every individual purchase on the right ensuring that you always have an overview of your total purchases.

When you are finished simply select ‘checkout’ or ‘process shopping basket’.

Should you first wish to change the contents of the shopping basket, then you can change the amounts or delete the article completely from the shopping basket there. It is also possible for you to input the settings for the country of delivery and the desired method of payment.

When you wish to pay you are first asked for your address. Should you already be registered you are able to sign in using your data. You are however able to conclude your order without setting up a customer account. Please mark the corresponding field - no customer account required -

For commercial customers: Please only provide a valid VAT ID number in the field provided, which is not invented or a name and which is also not a normal tax number from your tax office  The number provided is then checked by the system. Should the number not be valid your order is not processed.

The next step establishes your method of payment. The methods of payment are shown depending on the amount of your order.
Despatch by DHL is preconfigured and cannot be changed.

Please note the directions on your revocation rights and general terms of business on the last page and kindly click to confirm that you are aware of both.

You are still able to compare all the data relating to your address and payment and to still make any changes necessary.

You are given a discount on the payment dependent on the method of payment. This discount is shown before concluding the order.

Should your total order come to a larger amount, then you may be granted an additional rebate on the shopping basket amount. This is calculated automatically and shown to you before concluding the order.

Should you not wish to make any additional changes and all the details are correct, then conclude your order by clicking on the - pay for order - button.

You immediately receive an automatic confirmation of purchase which is sent to the email address you provided earlier.

It is therefore essential to ensure the email address is correct.

You receive no confirmation should your email address contain an error.

Should it be necessary for us to make enquiries about your order, then we notify you either by email or telephone.

We always try to deliver your orders as quickly as possible.

You also receive a confirmation of dispatch with details of the DHL package number. You also receive the same information by separate email from DHL relating to the tracking of the shipment and delivery. Please take note of the additional information.

You can contact our shop at the domains:

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

2. Payment information

There are only limited methods of payment available for deliveries outside Germany. The methods of payment are shown in the shopping basket. Paypal or a credit card are the preferred methods for ensuring quick and secure payment processing.

3. Shipping information

Shipping costs for your country are indicated in the following illustration:



Order value from       0,00  -   10,50 Euro  / shipping costs        11,55 Euro
Order value from     10,51  -   99,90 Euro  / shipping costs        12,90 Euro
Order value from     99,91  - 199,99 Euro  / shipping costs        19,10 Euro
Order value from   200,00  - 499,00 Euro  / shipping costs        25,95 Euro
Order value more than         499,01 Euro  / shipping costs        39,90 Euro

von     0,00  -   30,00 Euro  shipmentcosts  15,35 Euro
von   30,01  -  100,00 Euro  shipmentcosts 18,90 Euro
more than       100,00 Euro  shipmentcosts 27,90 Euro
Please note: These shipping costs are only valid for DHL Economic Package.
If you want a shipping with DHL premium package, then please ask the current price.

For deliveries to Switzerland or other EU countries different conditions apply. You are responsible and liable for customs formalities and customs fees.
Please ensure you are fully informed beforehand.

4. Discount

If you are buying in bulk you will receive an additional reduction as shown in the following illustration.


For our customers wanting to buy more we are offering an additional discount system.

For purchase values above   89,90 Euro you receive a discount of 3 %
For purchase values above 139,90 Euro you receive a discount of 5 %
For purchase values above 189,90 Euro you receive a discount of 7 %
For purchase values above 239,90 Euro you receive a discount of 9 %

The discount will be displayed as an extra position (shopping cart discount) in your shopping cart and will be subtracted from your shopping cart value.

Thank you very much